Sanitize and Disinfection


Now a days, Sanitization is most important part of our life to Protect Covid19 ( Corana Virus)

There are lock down in many countries of world so that infection can be controlled  as it spread very quickly.

Sanitization is executed by spraying with high quality and WHO approved chemicals in surface area of residents.

We are well equipped with modern spray, fogging and fuming machines. We use high quality sanitization chemicals. Our staff is well professionally trained .

Rates of Sanitizations are depends on the Area and location of premises.

Area  (sft)                           Rate/sft

Upto 1000                          Rs. 2.00

1000-2000                         Rs. 1.50

2000-5000                         Rs. 1.00

5000-10000                       Rs. 0.75

Beyond 10000                    Rs. 0.60

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