• 1.De-watering: The water tank/ reservoir is to be emptied by suitable existed system or by mechanical device such as submersible pump which includes the bailing out dirt, mud and algae etc. The empty tanks is check by visual inspection for condition of tank.
  • 2. Sludge removals: Now the residue/sludge remained at bottom is to drain out  from the tank with help of Sludge pump and taken out at the safe disposal location.
  • 3. Rotary Jetting with High Pressure: The inner surface of wall and ceiling is now cleaned with high pressure rotary jet having a pressure of 100-150bars. This process provides acts as scrubbing and having capacity to clean most of the foreign elements.
  • 4. Vacuum Process: The excess deposition of sludge and dirt on the bottom of tank is now removed with high capacity vacuum pump and disposed off.
  • 5. Anti bacterial treatment: The tank surface is now treated with an antibacterial spray with antibacterial agent to find the tank bacteria free and safe for use.
  • 6. Ultraviolet Radiation: In the last step, sterilization and disinfection is done using UV Radiation by UV radiator which is used to kill any suspended or floating bacteria remaining in the tank.


Upto 500    ltr:       Rs 599

500-1000   ltr:       Rs 899

1000-2000 ltr:      Rs 1099

2000-5000 ltr:      Rs 1599

5000-10000 ltr:      Rs 2500

Large tanks @ 50 paise per ltr. to Re. 1.00 per ltr

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