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Floor Scrubbing 

What floor scrubbing?

It is the procedure of altogether cleaning/scrubbing your marble/stone floor with a Heavy Single Disk Machine utilizing scrubbing grits/pads. The procedure expels soil from generally blocked-off niches and corners of the marble floor. This procedure just cleans the floor surface and does not expand its sparkle or shine.

Floor Types

  • Kota Stone, Marble, Slate, Granite, Sandstone, Mosaic
  • Concrete
  • Wooden Floor
  • Tiles, etc.

Floor Buffing

What is Floor Buffing?

Buffing is the way toward cleaning and upgrading the gleam and sparkle of the floor. Branded buffing grits/pads are a part of this procedure to ensure that the actual finish, shine, or polish of the stone isn't influenced. It is particularly compelling on the marble floor, wooden floor, tile floor, etc. It is done using branded pads to ensure the best quality buffing services.

Floor Type

  • Stone & Marble Floors with a finished surface
  • Wooden Floor

Floor Polishing

What is Floor Polishing?

Floor Polishing is the process of scrubbing the stone, wooden, marble floors to expel all the dirt & dust. This is a kind of massage of the floor with polishing powder to make the floor shine and increment the gleam. This Polishing/Cleaning process expels mild scratches, water, coffee, acid, tea, and other stains from all types of floors.

Floor Type:

  • Marble, Mosaic, Granite, Wooden, Sandstone, Slate, etc.

Floor Honing & Polishing

What is Floor Honing & Polishing?

This is a combined process of honing/grinding and polishing, which is done to remove a thin layer of the stone floor using the branded pads/grits on a Single-Disc Floor Honing & Polishing Machine. The grinding process removes scratches and tough spots from the floor to grind the thin layer. After the honing process, the polishing process is applied to use branded polishing powder to give the best shine to your floor.

Floor Type:

  • Marble, Mosaic, Granite, etc
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