Following works will be Done in Express Cleaning

Bedroom /Living Room

  • Furniture Dusting,Mattress Vacuuming,Cupboard Cleaning from outside,Windows & Grills,Lighting Fixtures,Sofa and curtain Vacuuming. Mirror and Glass.


  • Showers and Taps,Windows & Exhaust Fan,Floor and Tile Scrubbing,Cobweb removal
  • Shelves and cabinets from outside and open shelves if emptied
  • Mirror and Glass Cleaning,Water closet, wash basin and shower area


  • Window & Door,Wiping of Appliances from Outside,Cabinets from outside,Kitchen Platform

General cleaning

  • Toilet Cleaning- Deep cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing of bathrooms and toilets.
  • Floor Sterilization- Wet and dry mopping covering all spaces
  • Window Cleaning- cleaning all glass panes and windows that are safe to access.
  • Furniture Cleaning – Dust proofing of all furniture, mattress and curtain with HEPA filter vacuum cleaner.
  • Walls and Ceiling- Removing cobwebs, cleaning lighting fixtures and fans.


  • We do not do wet wiping of walls & ceiling in this service. This can be added as an add-on service with additional charges of Rs.1500/ for standard 1 BHK, Rs 2000 for 2 BHK and Rs 2500 for 3BHK and would require additional time.
  • We will clean all cupboards, cabinets and drawers from outside.
  • Heavy fixtures and furniture would not be moved by team.
  • Customers are requested to provide ladder/stool required for higher elevations.
  • Cleaning of exterior utility areas is not inclusive.

Our Rates

                                            Single Service                    3-Service in a Year

  •        1RK                              1500                                   3500
  •       1BHK                             2000                                  5000
  •          2BHK                              3000                                 8000    
  •       3BHK                              4000                               11000
  •       4BHK                              5000                               13000
  •       5BHK                              6000                               16000
  •       Office & Other- As per site visit


How Many City We Serve

Our services are in Delhi NCR, Noida-Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Gurgaon

Is Presence of Premises caretaker necesaary?

Yes, Some one from owner side is compulsory who can take care of belongings. We will not be held resposible after the team leave the premises.

Is anything to be supplied by owner?

Team wil equipped with Equipment, Chemicals, Mops,ladder etc. Water, Electricity or any other thing readily available can be provided .

What should I do in case not happy with work?

You can call Aktaprime Office 9718824848 immediately. We we will got it rechecked and if necessary.the defective  work will be redone

What action to taken if any damaged during work?

Team will take care all the items of premises and if any damages made intentionally, may be brought to our knowlege on Ph. 9718824848

Are the Chemicals safe?

Yes, We use high quality chemicals which are safe .

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